Tuesday, December 17, 2013


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I had a lovely afternoon over the weekend looking at all the amazing shots Tegan Ptzasnyk took of me awhile ago, this is definitely one of my favourites there is something so magical about wisteria almost like a lovely sky of lavender!It was such a fun afternoon twirling in the sunshine!

As usual i am so behind on Christmas shopping and plans (i am one of those crazy shoppers with a trolley on christmas eve)i hope you are all a little more organised than me...i am however listening to festive songs all day at work..which im sure is driving everyone nuts!!!

I am so looking forward to my swing dance academy christmas party tonight..it will be a night of dressing festive and eating too many mince pies (as well as dancing the night away)

Hope your week has been swell Xx


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love this shot.

    I hope you get your Christmas shopping done soon!

  2. lovely picture!
    have lots of fun with your christmas themed dance class ....

  3. This is such a beautiful photo. You look so gorgeous and the wisteria just makes it... magical :)
    Now if only I could do such perfect liquid eyeliner!!
    Goodluck with the Christmas shopping!

  4. What a darling photo, you are such a vision!

    XO's Paige