Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Really Red...

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Now usually if i find a product that i fall completely in love with then of course i am going to share! (sharing is caring..right?) usually its clothes and hair styles but this time its lipstick!

Now i am not a huge huge fan of makeup i dont trawl through different shades of eyeshadows and test different ranges of eyeliner to find the next best thing, if i find something that is easy to apply and is a great product i usually stick to it until its taken off the shelves (then i curse the fact i allowed myself to get so attached to one product and then i find another one..sadly) but after a extremely trying week i decided to treat myself to a new lipstick and am now over the moon with it.

Its called "Really Red" and is from the Revlon Matte range its the perfect shade of mulberry/red and dosent hold too much orange tone (which does not suit me at all) its easy to apply, dosent falter during the day except for after eating and dosent dry your lips out one bit! Perfection!!

Apparently its a great red for most skin types so if you dont already have it, give it a go! (you will be just as chuffed as me)

I am so looking forward to my long Easter weekend ive already smashed my way through a few bags of mini easter eggs and i plan to get through alot more (any excuse) I hope your spending it with family and lots of laughter. (4 whole days off...bliss!!!)



  1. This shade looks gorgeous on you!

    Sita xx

  2. beautiful color on you!!
    kisses from Milano

  3. The shade looks beautiful. I recently bought the original colours by revlon Fire and ice and Cherries in the snow. I knew the shade fire and ice would be tough but had such high hopes for cherries in the snow and am so sad to say that Im a little disappointed, It was a too berry colour for me and not enough red, but I think I should give this shade a go. I mean really can you ever really have too many lipsticks? :)

  4. You are sooooo pretty! I have this very color. I love it but Inever wear it because I don't look good in it. I have 8 shades of red. I love red lips. Its difficult to wear but you wear it perfectly!!!

  5. Ah this shade looks lovely on you! (and its so nice to hear other people are smashing the Easter eggs too!!)

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