Monday, February 18, 2013


Aside from a horrible bout of sickness and a few other unfortunate events i managed to take a few snaps of little moments during the past few weeks! I am so sorry i was unable to post here on the blog i missed it so much! But im feeling much better and can now muster the energy to put outfits together Huzzah!!

 photo 12_zpsfbbe42ab.jpg

 photo 13-1_zps24ec9a60.jpg

 photo 14-1_zps9d785746.jpg

 photo 15_zpsc52ae397.jpg

1 - Took a day trip up to York on Sunday for my mothers birthday i love it there, so much history and the antique shops are divine!

2 - York town hall!

3 - Half attempted hair-do and makeup but glad i managed to pull myself together for a friends 30th last week.

4 - Coffee and chamomile tea at Foam Coffee Bar in Leederville (so in love with the styling).

5 - One happy puppy.

6 - Chocolate hearts for Valentine's Day.

7 - Look up (you will never be dissapointed).

8 - Shellac nails and a double roll (Plus no eyeliner dun dun dunnnn).

I will be back tomorrow with an outfit post! And if you dont follow me on Instagram yet just search for @allyvintage Xxx


  1. Great pics! I really love your hair, I wish I could do victory rolls myself, but I'm really not talented when it comes to hairstyles!

    xx Tanja

  2. I'm always so in love with your instagram pictures! Take care of yourself sweetie <3

  3. Wow, that coffee bar decor is gorgeous!