Tuesday, November 27, 2012







A few weeks ago i was contacted by Jitterbuggin to style up one of their amazing pieces, to say i was busting with excitement was an understatement! I have been longingly looking at Jitterbuggin's pieces for quite some time now and now i have a blouse to call my own!

I instantly fell in love with the Aviation Print Blouse which may be because i have a small obsession with vintage aeroplanes (see blog logo) my grandfather was also an aviation expert and worked on planes most of his life (i am assuming this is where my love for them started) he would wear aeroplanes printed on his shirts and ties all the time!

The first thing i noticed was the fit of the blouse, it perfectly moulds to your curves and makes you feel like it was specifically made for you and i love that since the vintage pieces i buy i alter to fit me most of the time. I am also now saving my pretty pennies to pair it up with this amazing piece (swoon).

The even better news is that Jitterbuggin are offering all Vintage Valley readers 15% off all items in the shop until the 2nd of December by simply using the codeword "Valley" Huzzah!!!!

If you want to keep up with the Jitterbuggin gossip you can check our their Facebook, Twitter and Blog.

I am taking my new blouse out Lindy Hopping tonight..it seems like the right thing to do!

(Wearing: Jitterbuggin Aviation Print Blouse, Vintage Skirt, Betts Heels, Vintage Book,Handmade Flower Clip)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dress Up.


I know its awful, but i can't help myself! Sometimes i just get the urge to dress Boots up! I know he is a boy and if Z caught me putting my head scarves on him he would probably have a stern word to say about it but come on!!!! Is this not the cutest picture ever?

Monday, November 19, 2012




On Sunday i re-visited an old friend Lindy Hop! over a year ago i took a beginners workshop and took a few classes but was unable to afford my addiction at the time so sadly i had to let it go for awhile!

I am so so excited i decided to go back because now the jitterbug (bug) has bitten me again except a little harder now! i want to spend all my time practising and am constantly going through the moves in my head! (its any wonder how i am getting anything else done)

I also went to the Beaufort Street Festival on Saturday where i munched on sugared doughnuts and squeezed my way up the street in the crowd it was such a blast! i also picked up this little number from a vintage stall it was perfect for my Lindy Hopping the next day...easy to move in, dosent show i am sweaty (too much info right?) and cute to pair with my blinding white target cheapy sneakers!


(Wearing: Vintage dress, Vintage belt, Target sneakers

Monday, November 12, 2012

Instagram Love...



I had the urge today to share a picture of Mr Boots that makes my heart explode a little! And while i was at it i thought id share a few more Instagram photos lingering in my phone from the past few weeks too!

* Boots after i attacked him with a bow tie
* Ladybug book marker
* Cute as a button coffee
* Purple Sky
* Shameless Selfie's
* Chandeliers at Five Bar

Add me if you like we can be Instabuddies my name is @allyvintage XX

Thursday, November 8, 2012







This weeks weather has been a little weird, I would start the day out in stockings and end up taking them off, then id don a sun dress and end up scrounging around in my car hoping i have a cardigan tucked away in there! This is supposed to be the start of Summer right?? Come on sun!

I still adore these pants (they may be the only pair i own) they fit nicely until i sit down and then all of a sudden my posture gets quite rigid trying to sit like a lady not about to split the back of her pants! (this is hard...trust me) I also found this adorable brooch over the weekend whilst at Sidney Loves Audrey the adorable place i posted about on the ModCloth blog. After a few mind bouncing coffee's i had a browse around and decided she was the cutest and on the plus side looks like Betty Draper so high five to that!

I am spending the weekend hemming a few dresses, celebrating my best friends birthday, drinking lots of coffee and reading the rest of my book! I hope yours is pretty swell too xx

(Wearing: Vintage Cardigan, Sidney Loves Audrey Brooch, Op Shopped Pants, Boston Heels, Vintage Bag, Op Shopped Blouse, Gifted Vintage Scarf)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hair Tutorial: Victory Rolls

As promised here is a hair tutorial i filmed over the weekend on how i do my Victory Rolls huzzah!!

Hopefully it is pretty simple for you to follow and that my voice isn't too irritating to listen to (hooray for nasal voice recordings) like i mentioned a few times in the video the way i do them may not be technically correct but its the simplest way i have found.

I have a few more hair tutorials that i will be filming in the coming weeks so if there is something you want to learn please let me know or if there is something you want me to have a go at (i am always looking for new hairstyles to conquer).

If you have any questions leave a comment and i will answer them for you Xx

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jitterbuggin Fall Sale.



Just wanted to let you all know that one of my favourite retro shops and soon to be sponsor of Vintage Valley Jitterbuggin are having a fall sale from the 4th of November to the 11th of November! And since its Monday i think you all officially deserve to purchase yourself something for turning up to work this morning!! Yes..that is how i justify my purchases.

I have my eye on this beauty its basically perfect!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! i managed to film a little hair tutorial that i will be posting on Wednesday so make sure you pop by!


Thursday, November 1, 2012






Photobucket So im finally doing a post today (high five)..I had some grand plans on blogging about a few little projects this week but in true Ally nature i spent my time mopping up spilt coffee in my car, wearing mis-matched shoes (come on..they were both cream coloured!) and leaving camera's, tripod's and card readers in random places!

I have a small love affair with this peplum blouse (pssst...it is up for purchase in the shop if you have a mild crush on it too) I am quite proud of it because if i showed you what it looked like originally i am sure you would have had an ugly 80's dress heart attack!!! It had long sleeves and a skirt that draped below the knees, with a little snip and stitch this cute number was made!

This week has been full of wonderful things, my best friend's mum turned 50 and we celebrated with fancy dinner, italian wine and too many laughs! I also spent Halloween night hovering around my front door like a weirdo waiting for the Trick or Treater's to come past...I am telling you now that only two kids came and it may have crushed me a little!! come on Australia i know we don't get into it as much but people need to let go and have a little spooky fun..now i am just left with too many chocolates and feeling dejected.

Have a swell weekend xx

(Wearing: Vintage Valley Peplum Blouse, Cotton On Skirt, Misano Flats)