Sunday, January 15, 2012


Spent the weekend fanning my sweaty face with brochures on a wine tour bus, trying to escape the heat by eating frozen grapes and dreaming of tropical islands, looking at houses with the boy and dreaming of ways to decorate...with a house i don't have! and purposely sitting on pale blue punch buggies for photographs....which has left me with an urge to purchase one...which if i did would probably need a lifetime of RAC roadside assistance!

(Wearing: vintage bow belt, Cotton On striped skirt, Beige peeptoe flats, Cotton On navy shirt)


  1. I have always wanted an old buggy! But yes I suspect RACQ would need to come to the rescue a lot, haha. :)

  2. Have you seen VW's new edition of this car? It's by far my favorite car everè I want it sooooo bad! x

    see it here:

  3. I love this photo! The green leaves, blue car and the stripy skirt, nice composition there! :)

  4. I remember playing punch buggy, where you would give someone a punch and say 'punch buggy' obviously when you saw a buggy. the light blue is so cool! that's the car I want! you look so elegant.

  5. You are just so adorable! There's an orange Bug I see driving around town a lot and I want it. I also want to decorate a house I don't have!

    Mabel Time

  6. SO PRETTY!! i adore this! xx

  7. lovely :)

    I'm following*

  8. Super cute picture! Love the skirt!

    xo Jennifer