Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Swedish Hasbeens: Floral T-Strap

In every vintage loving woman's mind we have a very active list that entails our dream purchases, this list is always changing and growing depending on the season and as fast as these items are added they are replaced with even more desireable items. One thing on my 'want' list has always been a pair of Swedish Hasbeens! The ever so perfect clog with leather detailing and t-bar straps that sets your drool sensors into overdrive. The fact that they are perfectly matched with everything in my wardrobe is just an added bonus.

I am so lucky to be able to feature two pairs to you all and give my full and honest opinion on these damn dreamy shoes!I will be featuring them one at a time so ding ding, these are the first in line! I chose these powder blue "Floral T-Strap" clogs based on the fact they had three of my great loves when it comes to shoes a low heel, pastel colour and a solid t-bar strap. As i am already quite tall i tend to shy away from heels that make me feel like i am examining everyones hairline during a conversation and these are just the right amount of height.

I had a few reservations about the fact that they didnt come with any heel padding and was absolutely sure i would be hobbling around like a loony after about an hour of wearing them, but to my surprise they are EXTREMELY comfortable, i can last all day in them and not feel any strain on my feet at all so that shut me right up! The only thing i will mention is that they do take at least one wear to allow the leather to mold to your feet, they really do take on the curves of your foot so after a few wears they will be your go-to clogs.

You can also get these beauties in a range of colours just jump onto their website to have a little look! I am so excited to get some extended wear of these shoes as summer is coming just around the corner.

Follow them on Facebook and if your an Instaaddict like me they also have an amazing Instagram account too @swedishhasbeens Xx

(Wearing: Vintage Gingham Dress, Swedish Hasbeens, Vintage Purse)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend Bliss....

So this weekend was filled with all of the amazing things, coffee, dancing, lazy morning sleep-ins and hanging out in 60's caravans at the vintage fair with my favourite guy!

Although there wasnt a huge selection of vintage clothing at the fair we mainly just drooled over cars and drank cider in the sun which is pretty alright with me! I thought i would break out an amazing pineapple print vintage skirt i bought a few weeks ago, it's in near perfect condition and fits like a glove..cant wait to add more kitsch fruit pieces to my collection!

I have a few projects planned for this week and i might even get around to fixing at least one dress in my to-do pile!

Hope your start to the week has been swell! Xx

(Wearing: Vintage White Tie Top, Vintage Pineapple Skirt, Op Shopped belt & Bluebird Vintage Sunglasses)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

French Roll With A Twist..

A cute interpretation of the classic French Roll today which as most of my hairstyles are was a complete fluke. I had previously curled hair and did a simple roll at the back sectioning a piece from the left hand side to sweep backwards to join the roll, as it was already curled the little pin curl made its own formation to which then i just tucked in a few little flowers! Viola!!

A perfect little number for about third day hair as it has a little more grip and staying power, no need for hairspray really as a fixing spritzer should do the trick!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend planned, im hoping to cram in quite a lot even a trip to this is on the cards! Happy Friday! Xx

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wiggle Wiggle...

I am sure i have featured this little pastel wiggle dress here on the blog before, but when your on to a winner i cant help but post about it again!! When i was selling vintage clothes online (feels like years and years now) every now and then i would treat myself and keep at least one dress for myself each month. There are still dresses i remember selling that i wish i had held on to, but thats all a part of being a vintage seller!

This little dress had my heart at "pockets" i always have a little giggle to myself when i think about women and pockets...its like the dress holy grail! Conversations commence as follows "Oh, what a lovely dress"..."Thank you, best part is that it has pockets"..."Holy S*#! are you kidding me!!!!!" you all know exactly what im saying hahaha!

The dress is cinched in at the waist with a beautiful bow at the back too which makes it even more adorable. Along with a LBD a LWD(little wiggle dress) is a necessity too!!

I hope your all having an amazing week so far, i have been working on a few exciting projects and also have some cute things to share with you next week!! So make sure you pop by.

(Wearing: Vintage 1950's wiggle dress & vintage 1960's brooch)

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I just realised that i havent posted an Instagram "Lately" post in awhile and i also havent been able to scrum up a proper outfit post for the blog this week (i know, i know...letting the team down) so i figured, no better time than today!

1 - Finding this incredible book 'Lifestyle Illustrations of the 50's' at my local bookshop meant i spent the majority of my morning drooling over each page...do yourself a favour and source a copy the images are truly amazing.

2 - No better time to break out a selfie than to celebrate new lipstick, cherry red from Rimmel is quite possibly my new favourite shade! 

3 - My dried flower collection that i have scattered throughout my apartment in vintage glass bottles, each type of flower has its own story and memory attached to it.

4 - Off for a Sunday cider, these vintage pants were an amazing op shop find! They fit like a glove.

5 - I bunny sat for a friend of mine this week, Henry is possibly the cutest thing...he did allow me one cuddle and then decided he was done with me haha, his pensive face just gets me every time i look at this picture!!

6 - Afternoon walks around my work neighbourhood, Spring is just too darn lovely!

7 - Morning ritual of coffee, banana bread, fresh flowers and a vintage magazine!

8 - Lurking around in my red mary janes, there is seriously nothing better than the sun warming your skin, birds chirping and flowers in bloom it just makes my heart sing!

9 - Possibly the most amazing gig i have been to in a long time, Tuba Skinny made the trip all the way from New Orleans to play in Perth, incredible authentic jazz...the room was just buzzing and i had to hold myself down fom dancing between the tables! Look them up if you are not already familiar with their music, its truly food for the soul! 

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