Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summoning Spring...

To say i am looking forward to Spring is an understatement, i am slowly pulling out my bright outfits and watching the buds blossom slowly! In Perth we always have relatively warm weather even during Winter so it is nice to get some wear out of my vintage coats for just a smidge longer before the swealtering Summer begins!

I have had such a jam packed week, lots of Lindy Hop and preparing for my hair workshop next weekend...in between all of that on Sunday i was up early to watch "Singin in the Rain" at the Cygnet theatre with my lovely friends, it was such a cute experience, as you walk into the deco theatre a lively old man is playing the piano whilst everyone shoves popcorn into their mouths and people find their seats the pre-show starts and Tom and Jerry grace the screen, i feel like the movie experience has changed so much its a simple thing really but to be able to clap with awe to a Gene Kelly tap solo with a room full of people is pretty wonderful!!

(Wearing: Vintage orange skirt, op shopped spotted top, 1940's blue dress & vintage bag)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Vintage Valley Hair Workshop...

Can you believe its almost time for another Vintage Valley Hair How-To Workshop!!! I am so super excited about this one, i have more tricky bits and bobs for you to tackle and plus we all get to hang out at Many6160. Once again i am so generously being hosted by the incredible Studio Bomba who also offer a mind blowing amount of workshops that include vintage makeup, letterwriting and even making paper posies, so if you have idle fingers get to booking!

Vintage Valley Workshop
Date: 30th August 2014
Time: 10:30am - 12:30pm
Location: Many6160
Secure your spot HERE! 

(Also if you are up for learning vintage makeup there is a class straight after my workshop, a whole day of vintage goodness oh my!!!)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Photo Booth Love...

When asked where i draw inspiration for my outfits and hair, i always reply with the same answer...vintage street photography, old family photos and vintage Photo Booth photographs. I connect with these images on such a deep level, the unmistakable emotion on their faces, wearing an outfit they genuinely feel beautiful in and their hair perfectly placed in a true to era everyday style. Photo Booth photos capture such a raw expression of love, friendship and the all indulgent selfie (before a selfie was a "thing") if i see a photo booth i am always all up in that, there is nothing like seeing the hilarious aftermath! And can i just say the 5th photo blows...my...freakin..mind!

(Images: Pinterest)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Something Old & Something New...

Life seems to be so busy lately, having a moment to just sit down and try out a few new hairstyles seems like a luxury, my fingers were getting antsy! So this week i decided to make an effort to try at least one, and ta daaa....the tousled double gibson tuck (top image) was conquered! Its extremely easy and i am thinking a video tutorial is in need very soon!

I was lucky enough have an amazing op shop find last week, an original square pattern 1950's dress in perfect condition! It was two sizes too big but it was nothing a little taking in couldnt fix, i have a feeling its becoming a fast favourite! I also finally finished reading The Diary of Anais Nin for the second time around, i just love her writing style...the way she depicts a scene always makes me feel like i am right there with her (possibly loitering in the background..but still there) a woman truly ahead of her time! If you havent come across her books yet...do yourself a favour and find one! Xx

(Wearing: Vintage 1950's wiggle dress, Stop Staring Jacket)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Last week i went on a whirlwind adventure to Penang,if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my spam of all the food and scenery! It was truly a memorable few days, the reason for going was even more exciting than just a random vacation...my swing dance academy arranged for a few of us to dance in an episode of a new series going to air next year called Indian Summers, it was long days of dancing and standing around in 1930's costumes in very muggy heat but i met some wonderful people and had the experience of a lifetime..i even hugged Julie Walters (whaaaaat).

I so wish i could upload a few images for you to see the set, our amazing hair styles and outfits but unfortunately you will have to wait until the episode airs for me to do so (big sad face) in the meantime i thought i would just show you a few pics of my time in Penang! Xx I hope you all had a fab week!